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I’ve talked a lot about my new ceramics hobby where I spend a few hours a week in my local pottery studio. In that space we’re turning clay into ceramics using glazes and kilns, but for those who want to create decor at home there’s is always air dry clay that can be found at craft stores.

I’ve used air dry modeling clay before to make jewelry bowls or sculpted branches, and you can use it to make holiday tree luminaries too!


I cut out paper templates from grocery store bags to create my trees in three sizes. To recreate this project, these are the supplies you’ll need: 2 two lb. packages of ; paper for templates; (optional); rolling pin; ; gloss spray paint (or color of choice).



If you roll air dry clay just slightly larger than your paper template you’ll create a cone shape. Thickness should be approximately 1/4 to 1/3 inch.


Score the linear parts of the clay where the edges will meet with a sharp pointed needle like tool. Dab a bit of water along the seam and press the edges together to form the cone.


Allow the clay to set for an hour or two before piercing the holes in the shape. Once the cone trees are a little dry use a rounded sharp tool to cut holes in any pattern you like.

Allow the trees to dry for a full 24 hours then coat with any color, I used gloss white spray paint. Allow paint to dry a few hours then set up trees in a decorative arrangement. Add flameless votives or tealights underneath to create a flickering glow!

See today’s Instagram Reel for a “how to” video of the process start to finish. 🙂

Even when they’re not lit they make a charming scene by day on any mantel, bookshelf, or tabletop.


If the DIY versions aren’t something you want to try yourself, consider these store bought ceramic trees and luminaries for your holiday decor:


glazed buff trees


nordic trees


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