30 Simple Moments to Remember this Season

I was sitting in our living room last night and we lit up the fireplace and sat and looked at the fire while we sipped wine and looked at the flickering lights on the mantel. Matt thanked me for always making our home so cozy especially during the holidays. 🙂

It was nice to be appreciated but even nicer to just be present, sitting by the fire, discussing all things coming up on the calendar, and also sitting in silence watching the flames and enjoying that amazing smell that only a real wood burning fireplace can make. I felt so much gratitude in that moment.

Here we go again with all the seasonal obligations and to do lists. I’ve got my own as well. As we listen to the tune “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” we also feel the pressure of getting everything done. But isn’t the point of this season to feel the magical moments? Making memories requires us to pause and observe what’s happening around us, to be completely present. Inspired by that sentiment, I assembled a list of simple moments to remember this season.


hanging a fresh wreath on the front door

that holiday tune that gets stuck in your head and you hum it all day

when you finished decorating the tree and you can just sit and look at it



a warm hug from a “long time no see” friend

the gasps of little children when they see Santa or twinkle lights

those fresh baked cookies made from a family recipe



thumbing through the box of Christmas cards you’ve kept all these years

when your favorite holiday song pops up in your playlist

the snowman made by local kids spied on your walk



the smell of a family favorite recipe fresh out of the oven

hanging your kids kindergarten made ornaments on the tree

hot cocoa with extra marshmallows



the first snow falling on your nose and eyelashes

a drive around the neighborhoods to look at the decorations and lights

the crackling of the fire on a cold winter’s night



a walk on a cold night with a scarf around your neck and a sky full of stars

the warmth of your bed covers on a chilly night

festive or funny holiday socks and pajamas



when your adult children come home and are sleeping in their old room

strangers who smile at you while you’re in line at a store

the smell and flavor of mulled wine



when the local merchants decorate their store windows

when you’re lucky to catch carolers singing around town

all the jokes made about hanging mistletoe



repeating an annual holiday tradition

a quiet evening in pajamas wrapping presents

a menu brought to life on a festive table shared with people you love



the bittersweet feeling from old photos of Christmases gone by

watching your favorite holiday movie with your favorite people

the moment all the presents are wrapped and the stockings are full



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