Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF November 28 – December 4, 2022

As an unfiltered Sagittarius, you’re always at SOME degree of risk for a blurt alert. And that level rises to Code Orange (and possibly blood-red) on Monday, November 28, as activating Mars (getting a bit restless retrograde in mental Gemini) aligns with repressed Saturn. If you’ve been bottling up your emotions, they might come gushing out under the slightest provocation. The best way to guard against an outburst—or any kind of communication breakdown—is to not let the tension or frustration mount so high. Even if you’re justifiably upset or indignant, that’s no reason to unleash a torrent of mean or critical words that you can never take back. This isn’t a matter of who’s “right.” It’s about diplomacy and finding a mutually acceptable way to interact with other people, get your needs met AND have boundaries respected. If you feel yourself getting amped up, try to imagine red-hot Mars stoking your inner flame—and then letting calm, cool Saturn step in. That said, if a situation is escalating out of control or you really need to get something off your chest, run it by a neutral third party to get feedback on your words AND tone. What NOT to do? Shift into victim mentality or throw a pity party. Taking ownership of your feelings AND actions can help you steer the entire relationship into a positive and enlightening new dynamic.

Mars can be tamed, but it can’t be totally ignored, something you’ll be reminded of on Thursday, when the revving red planet forms a rare opposition to Venus in your sign. Still retrograde, Mars might rather turn away than deal directly with a tense situation. But as you know, trying to “run away” from one partnership (business, romantic or otherwise) by jumping into another seldom changes anything. It’s the old “Wherever you go, there you are.” So why not deal with underlying issues with someone you’ve already invested time and energy into? The immediate sense of relief you might feel at first is sure to fade once the sparkle of all that “new relationship energy” wears off. (Because then, you’re back to facing those same insecurities, resentments and limitations.) Relationships are our best mirrors, and the person who challenges you the most may just be the most valuable of all when it comes to your personal growth. Please stop short of allowing anyone to mistreat you, but honesty, delivered in the spirit of helpfulness, can be the greatest gift of all.

Is home where your heart has been these past several months? Things on the domestic front may have been shaky—or unclear—ever since hazy Neptune turned retrograde in Pisces and your fourth house of kith and kin last June 28. The most disconcerting thing about Neptune off-course is that it’s a struggle to discern what’s really going on. But this Saturday, the nebulous planet resumes forward motion after that maddening five-month reversal, which can restore order, or at least some measure of peace and stability, to the Sagittarius court. Combined with the onset of winter in the northern hemisphere, this pivot can intensify nesting instincts. Make it a priority to tidy up and redecorate your sanctuary. Commit to resolving conflicts with relatives and roomies. And if you’re thinking of relocating, do your research, make sure you love the vibe, then go ahead and pull that metaphoric trigger!


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