If You’re Not Organizing Your Makeup in Drawers, Here’s Why You Should

When your walk-in closet or small wardrobe starts brimming with clothes, shoes, accessories and all of your everyday essentials, it can be stressful and hard to manage. The fix? These brilliant closet organization ideas that’ll maximize your space, no matter the size (they’re perfect if a built-in storage system isn’t in your budget, by the way).

Of course, you’ll first want to spend time editing your wardrobe. But once that’s handled, check out our genius hacks to keep your remaining closet necessities in order (we’ve even included innovative organizing products from our 2022 Best Cleaning & Organizing Awards). Use drawers to store things like makeup, sunglasses, belts and hair clips. Hang your necklaces and hats from hooks for easy access. Build floating shelves to display your bag or shoe collection and label baskets to organize items you’d usually have a hard time keeping together (socks being just one example). Consider hanging curtains to conceal clothes and try color-coordinating containers for a cohesive look. What’s more, some of the DIY closet organizers featured are handmade. There’s everything from fabric bins and a scrapbook organizer to a framed sunglasses display and soda tab hangers.

With so many hacks to choose from, bringing order to a cluttered closet can be a breeze. And if you’re worried about how chaotic your kids’ spaces can get at times, many of our closet organization ideas work for adults and children alike. Happy organizing!

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