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Lead with generosity! You can weave socializing in with service this week—and even throw in a little creativity for good measure. On Tuesday, March 28, generous Jupiter sidles up to savvy Mercury in proactive Aries and your sixth house of work and devotion. Even micro acts of kindness will leave you with a warm glow from the inside out, so don’t overanalyze the risk-reward ratio of a certain deed. Just follow your gut, which rarely steers you wrong. When it comes to your own professional work, check your satisfaction level. What aspects of your career bring the greatest sense of contentment and pride, and where are things missing the mark? And the most important question: What can you do about that? Think it through. Could you craft an updated job description for yourself (what you’re already doing without compensation or what you’d love to be doing) and then discuss its feasibility with a manager? You might need to get some advanced training to elevate your skills to the next level. The point is to be proactive and speak from your heart, not give away your power by waiting for someone else to initiate these changes for you!

Expect the VERY unexpected on Thursday, when impulsive Mars in Cancer and your adventurous ninth house gets in formation with restrained Saturn in Pisces and your fifth house of passion, romance and fame. You read that right: Action planet Mars dials up your desire to play the Carnival Queen in the town parade and flirt with everyone who returns your gaze while, at the same time, another side of you is dying to go offline and quietly work on your magnum opus. What’s a Scorpio to do? Find the middle ground (of course!). You can be a hermitic creative spirit AND be totally out there. This fifth-house energy makes you extremely magnetic and can bring deserved kudos your way. It doesn’t have to go to your head, though. Focus on what’s in it for others, and you’ll get an enthusiastic response. In the romance department, keep your strong emotions in check. Passion could escalate into possessiveness, making you cling a little too tightly to the object of your affection, which probably won’t produce the result you’re hoping for.

Another reason to NOT go into total hiding on Thursday? Vixen Venus forms her annual alignment with transformative Uranus, and until 2025, this tryst will occur in your seventh house of committed relationships. Which sounds cozy indeed, but there’s a bit of an irony here, Scorpio. While both Venus and the seventh house are about permabonding, Uranus is the planet of freedom and caprice. And it’s up to YOU to strike just the right balance. If, say, you’ve wanted to inject some fresh energy into a claustrophobic union or renegotiate your “terms of engagement,” this might provide the perfect opportunity. If you set ground rules that you both respect, a little autonomy and space to do your own thing should only benefit the connection. This transit can inspire honest and authentic dialogue—but remember, that’s a two-way street. Your S.O. might have a few things to get off THEIR chest, so be prepared to hear some of their truth.


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