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Don your detective’s chapeau and start dusting for clues! Life could start to feel like a mystery novel on Monday, April 3, as analytical Mercury nestles into Taurus and your secretive (and seductive!) eighth house. There’s a reason some people refer to this chart sector as the chamber of secrets. Suddenly you may find yourself compellingly drawn to people and situations that are puzzling or inexplicable. That mysterious new person at the office, that IG friend with the clever handle who likes everything you post: What’s really going on here? You’ll have an extra-long time to get to the heart of these conundrums and enigmas (until June 11) because the messenger planet will linger here thanks to a three-week retrograde, from April 21 to May 14. Throughout this cycle, what goes unspoken will be far more alluring than the actual words people utter. With your Spidey senses activated, you’ll tune in to other subtle clues, like eye movements and body language.

The eighth house is also your sector of eroticism and intimacy, so hit the accelerator on that area of life! Chemistry will be palpable, but it’s up to you to know your limits, especially if you’re in an LTR and you’re vibing with someone other than bae. If you are single and sense a mutual attraction, enjoy the excitement of a slow seduction—often sexier than the actual deed. If you are attached, this is a great (and long!) cycle to carve out more alone time to revel in your shared private world. But do stay mindful of ALL the emotions that come up, because in the eighth house, they could get deep and heavy. Feeling anxious or jealous is natural, but you don’t want to act out in unwarranted ways. Should something bubble up, talk to a friend who’s weathered a similar passing storm.

Circle Thursday in crimson lipstick! That epic day marks the year’s only full moon in Libra and shines a spotlight on you, your work and your indisputable originality. If you’ve been dimming your light to “be nice,” these moonbeams will make it clear that everything about you is worth playing UP, not down. Glam up, take some dazzling selfies and act like the world’s your personal catwalk. But as a fair-minded, humble Libra, you’re not trying to make anyone feel bad or envious! With this full moon parked opposite visionary Jupiter and healing Chiron, you can think of yourself as an inspiring role model whose message is “Hey, if I can do this, so can you!”


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This week’s full moon is a culmination point of the Libra NEW moon of last September 25, and it can bring your efforts of the past six months to a showstopping conclusion. It’s time to stop fussing over minutiae no one else will ever notice and debut it to the world. (Or, at the very least, reveal a beta version to your inner circle of advisers.) Self-promotion isn’t always comfortable for your egalitarian sign, but think of this as taking a stand for something that you believe can benefit others—in fact, play THAT up when you showcase it.

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