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WEEK OF April 10 – 1 6, 2023

Switch it up, Leo! After four performative weeks, seductive Venus eases off the competitive throttle this Tuesday, April 11 and settles into Gemini and your laid-back, experimental eleventh house. Make art for art’s sake. Dance like no one’s watching—even if you DO post the evidence on TikTok later (or perform a Magic Mike-worthy rendition for the one you adore.) While this cycle rages on until May 7, friendly, even non-committal, vibes will feel more titillating than a scenario ripped straight from an erotic novella. Someone from the friend category might even cop to a crush. With your intellect fully stimulated, you could swoon, in sapiosexual style, for a seductive geek. Start by letting them blow your mind, then, you can take it further. Since the eleventh house is the tech sector, give digital dating a fearless right swipe. Already coupled? Get out and enjoy life’s adventures together, maybe joining a wine club or planning a festival getaway with your mutual friend group.

Tuesday is also 2023’s Day of Miracles, as the radiant Sun and globally expansive Jupiter host their annual summit. For the first time in over a decade, it’s happening in Aries and your nomadic ninth house. Broadening your horizons feels inevitable, whether you’re exploring a new corner of the world or diving into coursework that expands your worldview. Or both. Maybe it’s time to plan a vacation with a spiritual or educational component; something that deepens your interest in life’s great mysteries. You don’t have to rush off for immediate departure. Committing to your personal growth in SOME way makes this big idea a reality. Could you put a down payment on a summer retreat? Fill out your grad school application or sign up for teacher training that begins later this spring? But if you’re ready NOW, leap! The Sun and Jupiter don’t simply reward action. These risk-takers compel you out of the comfort zone, which is where the REAL change happens. So if you know that you want to try something and you’re also a little bit nervous, well, this could very well be the trailhead of a lifechanging path.

If you’re not clear on the difference between love and lust, you’ll get a private tutorial this Friday, April 14. “Playing for keeps” Saturn in your intense eighth house bangs into romantic and seductive Venus in your eleventh house of hopes and dreams. Fantasy is important in all relationships, but you have to be sure you’re not letting it eclipse what’s really going on. If you’re thinking of getting involved with your heart or your money, dig a little deeper first. There could be some key information that you need to consider before you commit. The eleventh house also rules technology. With love planet Venus here, one takeaway is to refresh your dating app profiles and enjoy an increased “click-through rate” over the coming weeks. Already attached? Step AWAY from your devices and make a point of socializing more as a couple. This is the perfect weekend to invite your friends to come out of hibernation and enjoy some cultural activities with you and bae.


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