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WEEK OF April 17 – 2 3, 2023

Ready, set, GOALS! Your professional ambitions come into the spotlight on Thursday, April 20 (late night April 19 in some places), when the second of two rare Aries new moons jolts your tenth house of career success. That all by itself would be cause to celebrate—or double down on a special project—but this new moon also happens to be a super-charged solar eclipse. Over the coming two weeks, and up to the next six months, the sky’s the limit for what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. Which begs an important question, Crab: Where do you want to be, workwise, by the time of the corresponding Aries full moon on September 29? Circle that date in your calendar, perhaps drawing in a bull’s-eye, and then “reverse-engineer” the steps to get there. The real power of this eclipse cycle comes from YOUR imagination, determination and elbow grease, and you know that with focus and grit, you can accomplish the near-impossible. You’ll reach the level you aim for, so make sure you set the bar high enough. 

Ironically, also on Thursday, the Sun departs from your hard-working tenth house, where it’s been for the past month, and darts into Taurus and your collaborative eleventh house until May 21. During Aries season, you probably made some strides in the direction of your dream job, which is still lit up thanks to the new moon solar eclipse. But with el Sol now heating up your social sector, you can begin to harvest—and feast on—the fruits of your recent labors. Whether you’re a solopreneur or the consummate team player, chances are you’ve been carrying too much of the burden yourself, and now you share some of the load. Please don’t worry that inviting others onto your stage will dim your bright light. Actually, you’re likely to get a lot more done with less exertion—and have a whole lot more fun by joining forces with competent kindred spirits. Since the eleventh house rules technology, perhaps you’ll make your mark virtually, with a brilliant new app or checking out the digital nomad life.

When mindful Mercury turns retrograde this Friday, you might get hit by a nostalgic blast from the past. Get ready for a leisurely stroll down memory lane, perhaps by looking at old photos and deep-scrolling through your social media posts. From now through May 14, the messenger planet retreats through Taurus and your eleventh house, which is your zone of teamwork and technology. As a sentimental Cancer, this emo retreat is familiar ground, and it may get turbocharged over the next three weeks. Reunions are perfect retrograde activities: Might you be up to organizing one (or several)? Once you get it going, plans could come together quickly, but do heed all the standard Mercury-retrograde advisories to triple-check reservations and put everything in clear, concise language—and leave a paper trail! On a related technical note, back up all sensitive data, and save any complicated rewiring projects for after Mercury turns direct on May 14.


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