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Take a minute to let the changes sink in, Capricorn. Last month served up a profound transit as potent Pluto left your sign and moved into Aquarius after 15 long years as “alchemist in residence.” You’ve been going through so many internal shifts since 2008, a slow but seismic transformation. Now, you get a break from this until June 11, when Pluto returns for another round (until November 2024), then permanently exits, not to return again in this lifetime.

Pluto in Aquarius has you thinking about how to build a world and earn a living in a way that truly reflects the person you’ve become. But until April 20, you may not have much juice to do anything about that. The Sun is chilling in Aries and your domestic fourth house, a welcome opportunity to take some much-needed downtime and bask in self-care. You may be busy attending to your living situation, spending time with family or possibly even moving this month.

On April 20, the skies serve up a solar eclipse in Aries, then the Sun moves into Taurus and your fifth house of passion, play and pleasure. Here comes your spring awakening! But just as you start perking up, Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus (womp womp) from April 21 to May 14, which could bring back an old flame or even stir up drama that you thought was resolved. Hold off on any splashy spotlight debuts for the next three weeks. The silver lining? On May 16, lucky Jupiter will sail into Taurus for a year, giving you plenty of opportunities to make up for lost time—and grab people’s attention in a lasting way.


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It’s Aries season until April 20

How about a little downtime, Capricorn? The Sun is making its annual sojourn through Aries and your domestic fourth house until April 20, giving you a chance to finally slow down and catch your breath. It’s been a busy, active year, and you could use a minute (or a few hours—or days) to reconnect with family or do some much-needed nesting at the Sea Goat Inn.

Chateau Capricorn may require some extra attention: You might be moving or just in need of some “bonus” downtime and self-care. The fourth house rules women and mothers, so watch for an important female to figure into events this month. Step away from your duties to enjoy some quality time with family and nurturing friends, which will be especially restorative.

Do more by doing less, Capricorn! Even though hibernation has technically ended, you can get cozy at home, reading books, catching up on TV series and trying out new air fryer recipes. Add some self-nurturing to your routine or just slow down and keep your schedule loose. Your creativity kicks into overdrive, so channel it into a DIY or decorating project. 

The Day of Miracles is April 11

On April 11, the Sun will make its once-a-year meetup with lucky Jupiter, infusing your domestic and personal sphere with a burst of positive energy. Nicknamed the “Day of Miracles”, the Sun-Jupiter conjunction is believed by some astrologers to be one of the most fortunate dates of the year. Here’s the trick though, Capricorn: You won’t manifest a miracle by going into warp speed overdrive. A relaxed and receptive state will draw opportunity your way (believe it or not). That may challenge your usual can-do nature, but trust that the universe is handling the details and watch what flows. Declutterclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” and beautify your home and workspace. (Check out our Home Reset course if you’re ready to go all the way.) A comfortable, beautiful space is an energy field for you, one that will attract the high-vibe bounty you seek.

Success is in the stars at the April 6 Libra full moon

The one day to pull out of your cocoon will be April 6, when the annual Libra full moon illuminates your tenth house of career. Your diligent efforts could pay off in the form of recognition, a promotion or a leadership opportunity. Since full moons can bring transitions, you may decide to exit one professional path and shift onto another.

This year’s Libra full moon will be opposite Chiron, the “wounded healer” comet, which is in Aries alongside the Sun. Your relationship with your mother or father could take center stage, or you may have to confront some family dynamics. It will be up to you to handle it with grace (or not, we won’t judge).

Chiron is all about healing old wounds, so if there’s any tension or conflict between you and your parents, this is a prime time to address it. Don’t let those old resentments fester and turn into full-blown grudges. Use the energy of the Libra full moon to find some common ground and work toward forgiveness and understanding.

The April 20 Aries new moon is a solar eclipse

Embrace the unexpected, Capricorn! The upcoming Aries eclipse marks a significant turning point in your home life as it lands in your fourth house of family and roots. This super-rare hybrid solar eclipse could bring about swift and sudden changes in your domestic sphere, leaving you with only a glimmer of possibility about what lies ahead. 

Please don’t start obsessing over plans, though. This is merely the inaugural eclipse in a series that will touch down on the Aries/Libra axis between now and March 29, 2025, activating your personal and professional houses. You need to give this eclipse time to unfold and reveal new options to you.

Your best bet? Try to trust the process and welcome some refreshing changes! Whether you’re considering a full-on relocation, a home renovation or simply spending more quality time with loved ones, this eclipse will speed up developments. (A job offer could be part of the turning point events, too.) Keep an eye out for news about a family member that could prompt you into action. And don’t forget to pencil in some playful moments in your calendar to balance out the hard work.

Taurus season starts April 20

Your joie de vivre ignites again on April 20, when the Sun enters Taurus and sparks up your passionate and playful fifth house for a month. Hibernation season is officially over! The next four weeks could awaken spring fever or bring a sizzling attraction into your sphere. For couples, it’s curtains for the couch-potato act! Glam up and go have some decadent, well-deserved adventures together.

But Taurus season won’t go off without a hitch, Capricorn. Not only is the eclipse energy a bit turbulent, but the Sun will enter Taurus at a harsh 90-degree square to powermonger Pluto in Aquarius. A money situation could feel like it’s about to spiral out of control if you don’t do something to stop the flow of red ink. But even as you’re stemming the spending tide, peek beneath the surface. Do you have any fears or limiting beliefs around security that keep manifesting as “crises”? The first step is remembering the abundance of the universe and reframing so-called obstacles as opportunities.

Mercury turns retrograde April 21 to May 14

You’ll hclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” ave plenty of time to reflect while Mercury is retrograde from April 21 to May 14. Mercury retrograde is the most “famous” retrograde, though ALL planets (except the Sun and moon) have these cycles. But since Mercury rules communication, technology and travel, most people feel its chaotic about-face in their immediate lives. Computers crash, flights are canceled without notice, arguments break out over the stupidest things. You’ll need to tap your sign’s patience and persistence more than ever now.

While Mercury backs through Taurus and your passionate fifth house, it could stir drama in your love life. Watch your own temper because you’ll be prone to knee-jerk reactions. Even those Caps that normally don’t take the bait might waste hours fuming. An ex may resurface, stirring up mixed feelings. Do your best to avoid the drama queens and keep your own diva moments in check. 

Bring on the dynamic duets! With lusty and assertive Mars in Cancer and your partnership sector all month (March 25 to May 20), you won’t be able to avoid the subject of relationships. Nor will single Caps be able to park on the sidelines and pretend you’re not interested. Even if you haven’t met anyone “worthy” in a while, this April is prime dating season for you! The red-blooded planet hasn’t visited this area of life in two years, so strike while the iron is blazing hot. Just try not to rush into anything before you really know what you’re dealing with. Mars has a funny way of turning cold as quickly as it heats up. Enjoy the ride, but hold off on the relationship “hard launches” until this thing has passed a few milestone tests.

Since Mars dials up the drama as much as the passion, couples may fight more or feel unusually jealous or possessive while it’s in Cancer. But rather than giving in to lower-vibe expressions of these emotions, redirect the energy toward physical outlets. It’s never a bad idea to settle your differences in the bedroom. But a rigorous hike, workout or dance party can also do the trick! If there is something you simply NEED to verbalize, run it by a levelheaded friend first so you can “offload” some of the anger before you talk.

The first week of April could brim with passion and playfulness as the other love planet, sensual Venus, wraps up her annual visit to Taurus and your amorous, glamorous fifth house. Put “practical” on the back burner and turn up the gas on “seductive.” And if you catch yourself being swept away in a romantic reverie, go with the flow!

From April 11 on, Venus will cruise through mental Gemini and your organized sixth house, lending a sensible and grounding influence that tempers some of Mars’ over-the-top vigor. Funnel some of this systematic energy into a personal project—and make your own healing and self-care a priority. 

With a solar eclipse coming to Aries and your foundational fourth house on April 20, a little solitude could spell serenity. Be sure there’s enough gas in your own tank before you drive off into the sunset with anyone. Besides, Mercury is turning retrograde in Taurus and your romance sector from April 21 to May 14. Not only is this a tricky time for initiating anything, but someone from your past could creep back around, taking you by surprise. Are you sure you want to reopen that door, Capricorn? Proceed with extreme caution, even if you get caught up in the whirlwind of attention and excitement. 

Dynamic duos: on fire! Go-getter Mars is blazing through Cancer and your seventh house of partnerships until May 20, bringing exciting offers and collaborators into your world. Working with a recruiter, an agent or someone who acts as your representative can take your ideas to new heights. You’re energized by working together and might meet someone who nudges you out of your comfort zone. While you may bristle at first, you know this person is onto something—and you’d be wise to challenge yourself instead of just doing the same old same old.

And hey, maybe this isn’t just a one-sided exchange, Capricorn. You have just as much to offer someone as they do you. Sensing a synergy? Speak up! In fact, the barter system could be your best bet if you’re just starting out. Explore it as an option, but don’t be too tight-fisted—sometimes you’ve got to invest in yourself. 

Take your time with the process if you’re considering a long-term partnership. Check references to give yourself that reassurance, and be extra cautious when Mercury turns retrograde from April 21 to May 14. (Hold off on contract signings during this period if possible.)

With powerhouse Pluto in Aquarius bringing transformation to your financial zone until June 11, major moneymaking opportunities could come calling, possibly paired with a radical change of course. The April 6 Libra full moon beams into your tenth house of career and achievement, a triumphant or transitional moment that will help light the path of your next steps.

Love Days: 21, 25

Money Days: 6, 14

Luck Days: 3, 12

Off Days: 23, 28, 10

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