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Change is in the air! This month, your ruling planet, Jupiter, makes its annual zodiac sign change, rolling out of Aries and your flamboyant fifth house on May 16, where it’s been for a year, and moving into earthy Taurus and your wellness sector until May 25, 2024. This is a particularly noticeable shift as the mood turns from celebratory and colorful to a more serious, get ‘er done mode. But you might be ready to buckle down now, Sagittarius. You’ve got some big, bold ideas that you’re ready to build!

You can still enjoy the festive vibes of Jupiter in Aries for the first half of the month—with a few precautions. Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, is in signal-scrambling retrograde motion until May 14, backing through Taurus and your orderly sixth house. Keeping track of the details could be tricky now, and you’ll need to watch your stress levels. With shadowy Pluto also turning retrograde in Aquarius and your communication center on May 1, you could throw some low verbal blows if you feel backed into a corner. Curb that Sagittarius tongue and temper!

It might be challenging to hold anything inside on May 5, when the Scorpio lunar (full moon) eclipse sweeps through your twelfth house of healing, closure and endings. A flood of emotions you didn’t even know you’d been keeping inside could come rushing out. This day could mark a big transition or release. It’s the final Scorpio eclipse in a series that’s been touching down on the Taurus/Scorpio axis since November 2021, teaching you important lessons about control versus surrender. From this, you now have a better idea of when to take the wheel and when to let go and allow the universe to steer. Keep yourself clear to receive divine guidance today.


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The second half of May takes on a new direction. Mercury corrects course, Jupiter enters Taurus, and a May 19 Taurus new moon helps put your well-crafted plans into motion. The next day, May 20, energizer Mars leaves moody Cancer and your brooding eighth house and blessedly soars into Leo, heating up your enthusiastic and expansive ninth house all the way until July 10. Gemini season begins on May 21, setting off a month of dynamic duo energy. You don’t have to do it all by yourself, Sagittarius—nor should you. Get ready to spark synergies with complementary, compatible people. Then roll up your sleeves and get to work on something amazing together.

It’s Taurus season until May 21

Get down to business, Archer. Until May 21, the Sun is marching through your organizational sixth house, making you an efficiency machine. Use your extra-keen powers of analysis to make targeted tweaks to your routines and processes. Devote time to refining and revamping your most basic systems, including budgeting, style sheets and protocols. Then bring on the spring cleaning! Sort through old clothes and wipe away the dust bunnies on your bookshelf. If you’ve got a green thumb, which many Sags do, plant a window box with herbs, or if you have outdoor space, do some gardening.

Health and fitness matters are front and center since the sixth house governs wellness. No more squeezing in the random hike or Peloton session when the mood strikes. Taking proper care of your body, mind AND spirit means carving out set times on your calendar to exercise, meditate and de-stress. Keep your fridge full of healthy fare so your blood sugar levels and appetite remain stable. Decide on a concrete objective to work toward, like, say, biking twice a week for an hour or doing a yoga pose without falling. Stress levels can rise, but you can easily tame them by focusing on the things you CAN control, such as changing the Brita filter and bleaching your bathtub. Those little things, along with regular self-care, keep you centered and sane.

You’ll appreciate an extra hand anyhow because the month could begin on a frazzled note. Until May 14, communication planet Mercury is finishing up its signal-scrambling retrograde that began on April 21. If your inner micromanager has reared its head or you’re feeling overwhelmed by the details, this is why.

The sixth house rules fitness, and with Mercury running amok, sticking to healthy plans could be challenging. Don’t judge yourself for falling off the wellness wagon with a few indulgences, especially since spring socializing often centers around meeting for al fresco meals and drinks. Take special care to avoid snifflers and coughers since you’re extra susceptible to catching their germs this month. Wash your hands regularly and dial down the stress levels. An ounce of prevention is worth much more than a pound of cure.

Pluto turns retrograde in Aquarius on May 1

Time to rethink a few plans? On May 1, transformational Pluto, turns retrograde (backward) in Aquarius, creating ripples in your third house of ideas and communication. This is the first leg of Pluto’s annual five-month retrograde, which will split time between two signs this year. On June 11, Pluto will reverse into Capricorn, and will shuffle back and forth twice through your second house of money and security before returning to Aquarius in November 2024 “for keeps”—well, for the next 20 years (yes, really!). 

While Pluto’s retrograde in Aquarius, you could feel more internal, reexamining your basic attitudes toward how you think, speak, write and express yourself in the wider world. During this reflective time, you might return to school for a new certification or take a workshop to polish up your media and marketing skills. The best way to stay relevant is by keeping your knowledge up to date. Sharpen those tools, Sag! (Luckily, you’re the “lifelong learner” zodiac sign, so it shouldn’t take too much arm-twisting to get you to hit an “Enroll now” button.)

Check your mindset: If you’re locked in a self-defeating pattern, look at your internal monologue and make a practice of catching it midstream. Is there a limiting belief that’s holding you back? You could also experience frustrating power struggles with a sibling, colleague or neighbor. Before you get cutthroat, though, remember that anyone who gets under your skin is a mirror or messenger, thanks to karmic Pluto’s presence here. Even if you have to take firm action, don’t forget to reflect on the deeper lesson. If you don’t, the whole scenario is likely to happen over and over again. It’s not easy to change well-worn patterns, so consider working with a coach or therapist to help you dig deep into the roots of what’s keeping you so entrenched.

Heal and release at the May 5 Scorpio full moon and lunar eclipse

On May 5, take a break from the hustle and bustclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” le to sink into a more spiritual space. A lunar eclipse and Scorpio full moon will illuminate your twelfth house of closure and endings, bringing a major life chapter to completion. 

Since both the twelfth house AND the full moon mark completions, this is your moment to let all that outworn stuff go. Release it to the universe, Sagittarius—you don’t need it anymore! If you’ve held back from grieving or fully releasing some old pain and resentment, higher forces can step in to hold the space for you. A supportive person or guardian-angel type could appear. You may also have a prophetic dream or a strong intuitive flash today. Don’t ignore it!

Go easy on yourself, too: This is the second-to-last installment of an eclipse series touching the Taurus/Scorpio axis between November 2021 and October 2023. There will be more lessons and amazing insights in the next six months, and this journey may finally start to make sense. 

This illuminating eclipse will reveal where you’ve lacked boundaries, projected your fears onto someone or held onto toxic resentment. While it might seem like “bad news” initially, you’ll find freedom in the recognition of what’s been happening under the hood and in your own blind spot. With this newfound awareness, you can start taking action.

Mercury retrograde is finally over May 14

Back to your plans! Today, Mercury powers forward after a challenging retrograde that began on April 21, foiling technology, communication and travel for everyone. Now as Mercury corrects course in Taurus and your sixth house of health, organization and helpful people, you can get your routines back on track. Did you find yourself overwhelmed by a million work details or dealing with chaos on Team Sagittarius?class=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” Mercury’s direct turn will help everyone pull their weight again.

Heads up: Mercury’s “retroshade”shadow phase will linger until June 1, nagging at us with some lingering after-effects. Continue to protect your immune system and be super-clear in your instructions. Holding people accountable will be much easier if they understand exactly what you expect of them!

Big day! Jupiter enters Taurus for a year on May 16

This month’s headline news arrives on May 16, when supersizer Jupiter—your ruling planet!—makes its once-a-year move, exiting Aries and moving into Taurus for the next 13 months. Jupiter has been in Aries and your heart-centered fifth house since May 10, 2022, bringing a year of major growth around love and self-expression. 

While all that emotion may have been wildly uncomfortable at moments, you’ve grown so much. Some Sags learned a key lesson: You can’t have true love AND always be in control at the same time. Ditto for your creative expression. Trying to squeeze your multidimensional self into a cookie-cutter role (perfect mom, corporate honcho, lead singer) is simply too limiting for you. And really, what makes you most fascinating as a Sagittarius is how complex and even contradictory you are. So take your final cues from Jupiter and OWN it! After May 16, the red-spotted planet won’t be back here for another 12 years.

Jupiter’s next routine will look VERY different from this past year’s. From May 16, 2023, until May 25, 2024, it will do lunges and squats through earthy Taurus and your sixth house of health, organization and service. Talk about a new landscape! After a year of decadence and drama, you’ll be craving order and simplicity. (Just don’t forget everything you learned during your walk on the wild side.) Healthy eating and exercise could become a bigger part of your life, possibly due to doctor’s orders to make a lifestyle change. The sixth house rules the digestive system, and you could benefit from learning more about gut health, disturbances of which have been linked to everything from allergies and disease to energy levels. From probiotics to microbiome tests, you could become fascinated with what doctors now call “the second brain.”

With Jupiter in this eco-friendly zone, you could get involved in a “green” business or the wellness industry. The sixth house also rules pets, and you might consider adopting a cuddly creature or adding another to your menagerie. Spending time outside will help you feel like your expansive Sagittarius self, so mix travel (and any movement) with joyous time in nature whenever you can!

The Taurus new moon is on May 19

If self-care and systematizing have fallen by the wayside, earmark the May 19 Taurus new moon as your kickoff date to get back on the wellness wagon. This once-a-year lunation is perfect for starting a new healthy eating plan, an exercise routine or any kind of sustainable habit. Build traction over the next two weeks leading up to the June 3 Sagittarius full moon—and set longer-term goals that you want to achieve by the corresponding October 28 Taurus full moon, a powerful lunar eclipse!.

Could a Sag get a little help around here? The sixth house rules employees and assistants—and the fine art of delegation. As a capable, hands-on sign that doesn’t like to wait for other people to deliver, you’re often guilty of saying “I’ll just do it myself.” But this impatience can cost you because your time gets spent doing other people’s tasks instead of meaningful work that will move the needle on your important objectives. 

During this analytical month, track your time and get aware of how many minutes (or hours) you spend doing non-impactful stuff that could be offloaded to someone else. This month, quit relying on that (abundant) Sagittarius luck and make some concrete plans. Getting ahead of the curve will buy you the freedom and ease you long for!

The May 20 Mars-Pluto opposition gets fierce

Turn up the volume again, Sagittarius—but a notch at a time only! On May 20, go-getter Mars exits Cancer and your intense eighth house and moves into much sunnier skies until July 10. As the red planet cruises through Leo, your optimism and zest for life return.

That’s the good news. However, on May 20, Mars will form a volatile opposition to power monger Pluto, which happens once every two years. As they wage a showdown across your communication axis, you could find yourself locked in a power struggle—whether that’s a heated argument or a simmering silent treatment. 

But before you hit that “block” button, put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Do they have any kind of valid point here? Or are they simply projecting their own baggage onto you? Both scenarios are equally likely. Planetary oppositions have a way of forcing things out into the open. Brewing tension could erupt into a stingingly straightforward conversation. Think before you speak: Your goal here is to clear the air—not to wipe out an important relationship!

Gemini season starts May 21

You’ve got an exciting road ahead—and lots to do—but you don’t have to go it alone, Sag! Dynamic duo season begins on May 21 when the Sun enters Gemini and your relationship house for a month. Now your indie-spirited sign is in the mood to collaborate, and the stars could serve up some inspired opportunities. Look for people whose skills or platforms complement yours, whether that’s for romance, friendship or work. By combining your superpowers, you’ll both go further faster!

This is also a great time to check in on your existing bonds. Is everything mutual and fair between you? During Gemini season, the life-giving Sun is at its farthest distance from your sign, which can also make you feel a bit tired or worn-down (your “solar power” needs a recharge, in essence). Take it as your cue to lean on your most loyal people instead of falling into a funk or isolation. While you don’t have much bandwidth for superficial encounters, you’ll feel energized by the loyal and supportive members of your crew. And you’ll certainly learn exactly who they are now!

The cosmic lovebirds are chirping up a storm in your relationship houses all month, sounding the call for commitment and deeper ties. With lusty Mars revving through Cancer and your eighth house of eroticism and permabonding (from March 25 to May 20), even the most freewheeling Sags could be craving true intimacy with a special someone. Amorous Venus will join the party on May 7, canoodling in Cancer and your erotic eighth house and priming you for deep bonding and sensual nights with your favorite plus-one. You won’t have to leave the house for your spring to sizzle.

If you’re in a relationship with potential, take a step to intensify things (for example, offering a set of keys to someone you’ve been dating for a while or learning their views on marriage) and see how the other person responds. No one fitting the bill? Don’t compromise! Just put more effort into meeting someone dynamic who’s a true fit for you. 

One thing to watch out for: the churning up of strong emotions like jealousy and possessiveness (and obsessiveness), which the red planet can famously spark. And with Mercury retrograde in your fussy sixth house until May 14, your hypervigilant eye could veer into paranoia. The May 5 Scorpio lunar eclipse could bring hidden information to light, some of which could be shocking or propel you to a turning point. Is it time to let down your guard and allow love in? Or should you be raising the fortress gates and locking a certain someone out? Avoid making snap decisions if you don’t have all the facts.

Do your best to enjoy the first two weeks of May, even if Mercury IS retrograde. Your ruling planet, lucky Jupiter, is rounding out a yearlong visit to Aries and your passionate fifth house. Jupiter’s here until May 16—it ain’t over till it’s over!—so if you’re looking for love, you could find it through travel or with a long-distance prospect, someone who could be wildly different from the type you usually date. Coupled Sags should make an effort to dress up and do something fun and glamorous, if only to ease the retrograde tension! The weekend of May 6-7 could be perfect, but know that the energy may still be a bit charged in the aftermath of the full moon eclipse.

So much to do, so little time? You could feel an urgency to get ‘er done this month, as the Sun makes its annual trek through productive Taurus and your sixth house of administrative duties. With Mercury retrograde here until May 14, you may have to untangle some crossed wires and overlooked details. Be extra careful with your work in the first half of the month. Lean into that organizing urge, Sag, and start whipping your world into shape—starting with a good decluttering. The May 5 lunar eclipse in Scorpio is a great day to purge your field of anything (and anyone) that’s not serving your highest good.

Is your org chart ready for a makeover? This May 16, lucky Jupiter, your ruling planet, enters Taurus for a full year. This could bring an exciting opportunity to level up Team Sag and put smart systems in place. At the May 19 Taurus new moon, you’re especially eager to craft a simple plan and set it into motion. With stressful Mars in Cancer and your eighth house of investments, property and joint ventures until May 20, you may be feeling the pressure of debt, a large expense or a shared asset that’s not performing as you hoped. On the upside, you could also see a nice windfall come your way if you play your cards right!

Love Days: 16, 20

Money Days: 27, 9

Luck Days: 25, 7

Off Days: 19, 22, 5

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