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Of course you should dream big, Gemini, but sometimes it’s better to stick to being realistic. You may see the value in that starting Monday, May 1, as penetrating Pluto commences its annual retrograde—this year beginning in Aquarius and your visionary ninth house. Then, on June 11, it’ll retreat back into Capricorn and your eighth house of intimacy, seduction and shared resources, finally returning to forward motion on October 10. It’s not that NOTHING will happen over the next five months. But you may need to downscale or delay a few of your summer plans. On the upside, this retrograde cautions against taking unnecessary risks or expanding too far too fast, especially if you were thinking of launching an entrepreneurial project. Don’t oversell yourself: If anything, lowball your projections and what you can deliver. Advance slowly and strategically until Pluto corrects course in October. And if you’re truly not in a rush, wait until after January 20, 2024, when Pluto picks up where it left off in Aquarius. In the interim, you can beta-test things with lower-stakes initiatives. And since the ninth house also rules travel, if you haven’t booked a summer vacay yet, you might prefer to revisit a favorite destination rather than explore someplace unfamiliar.

Friday’s full moon (lunar) eclipse in Scorpio turns the spotlight on healthy lifestyle goals—from the ones you’ve adopted to the ones you seem to have forgotten about. This is another chance to snag a front seat on the wellness wagon and dial up your fitness game. This weekend and the next two weeks are the most potent for manifesting, but because this lunation is also an activating eclipse, things you undertake now can take up to six months to unfold. So get something started ASAP, and keep the momentum going. If you’re up for it, try a mini detox or an online exercise challenge. (Pro tip: Since it supposedly takes 21 days to change a habit, why not commit to a full three weeks?) But please don’t confuse this with a stern “no pain no gain” recommendation. There’s plenty of fun to be had as you raise your health quotient. Check out different styles of dance classes and experiment with new ingredients in the kitchen. Since the sixth house also rules your work routines, this eclipse could bring a payday from your hustle of the past six months. It’s not egotistical to ensure the management knows YOU’RE the genius behind those brilliant ideas!

On Sunday, amorous Venus waves adieu to your sign and plunks down into emo Cancer and your security-minded second house. This can spell good news for your love life and your bottom line! Single Gems may have had your share of fun and flirtation over the past month, but Venus in Cancer—who’ll be running with fellow love planet Mars for a couple weeks—is far more interested in something with the potential for greater commitment. With that shift could come a change in your perspective. What you had previously dismissed as “boring” may suddenly feel alluringly reliable and solid. The takeaway? Get past first impressions, seek out people’s less obvious positive qualities and allow relationships to unfold at an organic (and probably slower) pace. Couples will benefit from a budgetary review to see how much excess you can trim together!


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