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It’s a major turning point month for you, Scorpio! Among the highlights is the May 5 Scorpio lunar (full moon) eclipse, which will sweep through your first house of self and identity. This is the final eclipse in your sign and the second-to-last in a series that’s electrified the Taurus/Scorpio axis and revolutionized the balance between yourself and your relationships since November 2021. This lunar lift could be your cosmic coming-out party, so don’t be surprised if the spotlight finds you and demands your presence without notice. Step into it and let the world see your talents!

Outside of this eclipse moment, most of May is squarely focused on relationships. The Sun is in Taurus and your seventh house of partnerships until May 21, and communication planet Mercury is retrograde in Taurus until May 14. You may have some repair work to do on a few of your closest ties. With intense Pluto, your ruler, turning retrograde May 1 in your domestic zone, you may need to attend to some power dynamics with family members.

The headline news arrives on May 16, when lucky and expansive Jupiter starts a yearlong visit to Taurus, bounding into your dynamic-duos house until May 25, 2024. For the past 12 months, Jupiter’s mainly been in Aries and your sixth house of work and wellness. Your efforts to streamline and systematize your life could pay off because you now have room to share your world with a special plus-one—or to spend quality time with your current partner. In some cases, you may outgrow a relationship or perhaps evolve into new roles that suit the people you’ve both become. 


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Your career heats up on May 20, when go-getter Mars, your minor ruler, blazes into Leo and your ambitious tenth house until July 10. Spring and early summer could send you on a sizzling professional path. And with the Sun starting a monthlong visit to Gemini this May 21, your eighth house of joint ventures and investments warms up. Let the power coupling commence!

It’s Taurus season until May 21

Embrace the power of partnership this month, Scorpio. Until May 21, the Sun is swinging through Taurus and your seventh house of one-on-one relationships, setting the stage for compromise and collaboration. Where could your plans go further by teaming up? In love and business, your alliances grow stronger when you focus on win-win scenarios. Bring balance back to your closest ties. If issues come up, be diplomatic instead of domineering. Don’t railroad anyone into following your agenda—or let anyone squeeze you into their plans.

Another reason to steer clear of extraneous engagements: Communication planet Mercury is wrapping up a signal-scrambling retrograde that began April 21, afflicting the most relationship-focused sectors of your chart. If you feel like people have misunderstood you at every turn, blame it on the messenger planet’s backspin. An ex or former business partner may have surfaced; negotiations around an important contract could have been stalled or chaotic. On May 14, Mercury finally turns direct, which will make it easier to deal with the other people on the planet—particularly the ones closest to you.

Pluto turns retrograde in Aquarius on May 1

Into the depths! On May 1, your ruler Pluto begins its five-month annual retrograde until October 10, splitting the time between Aquarius (until June 11) and Capricorn. 

For the first six weeks, Pluto will back through Aquarius, turning your attention to more personal matters as it excavates your fourth house of home, roots and family. This part of the U-turn could reveal shadowy dynamics with loved ones and your hidden fears around security. Pluto digs up whatever is buried in your unconscious. Rather than push aside discomfort or conflict, look the demons squarely in the eye.

Family is a charged topic to begin with, and Pluto retrograde invites you to see your relatives as teachers and messengers. Do they push your buttons? Don’t hate; investigate. That doesn’t mean you should stick around and fight with them, Scorpio. But DO get interested in what’s triggering you so you can heal it at the core.

If you’re not familiar with Internal Family Systems, aka “Parts Work” therapy, check out No Bad Parts: Healing class=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” Trauma and Restoring Wholeness with the Internal Family Systems Model. It turns out we have a whole cast of characters living within each of us—that’s right, human beings are anything BUT one-dimensional. Some of those parts are like inner helicopter parents, well-intentioned protectors that are keeping us “safe” but also stunting our growth. Use Pluto retrograde to take a deeper look within, and it can be a fruitful time of growth.

On June 11, Pluto will reverse into Capricorn and your wellness house. It’ll shuffle back and forth twice before returning to Aquarius in November 2024 “for keeps”—well, for the next 20 years (yes, really!). Consider this a sneak preview of your next transformational cycle!

Reinvention! The May 5 Scorpio full mclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” oon and lunar eclipse

A crowning moment arrives on May 5, when the Scorpio full moon lunar eclipse rockets through your first house of selfhood. One of your solo endeavors could come together magically today. While your sign doesn’t always feel at ease in the spotlight, you’ll welcome its warmth—if not directly on you, then shining on one of your proudest endeavors. Take a bow, Scorpio. You’ve earned it!

This is the final Scorpio eclipse in a two-year series rippling across the Taurus/Scorpio axis between November 2021 and October 2023. Get ready to reshuffle the balance between “me” and “we” as these eclipses sweep through your first house of self and your seventh house of committed relationships. Today’s eclipse puts the spotlight on YOU and your priorities—and gives you permission to pursue those without apology or compromise.

Mercury retrograde is finally over May 14

At last! Today, Mercury powers forward after a challenging retrograde that began on April 21, foiling technology, communication and travel for everyone. Now, as Mercury corrects course in Taurclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” us and your partnership house, it’s safe to explore contracts and commitments—and to make a more official decision. Heads up: Mercury’s “retroshade” shadow phase will linger until June 1, which could bring a few remaining after-effects. No need to rush into anything binding until then if you still need more time to think things over.

Big day! Jupiter enters Taurus for a year on May 16

This month’s headline news arrives on May 16, when expansive Jupiter makes its big leap into a new sign—a transit that only happens every 12 to 13 months. Jupiter will power through your opposite sign, Taurus, from May 16, 2023, until May 25, 2024, bringing exciting growth to your seventh house of partnerships. Hello, dynamic duos! From a romantic click that turns official to a business venture that produces a major win-win, two is definitely your magic number for the next year. Jupiter was last in Taurus from June 2011 to June 2012, so page back to that time for similar themes that could repeat now.

Jupiter is the planet of growth, and some Bulls may realize you’re no longer in sync with a collaborator or longtime love. You might part ways amicably—and don’t be surprised if you quickly find a better match. Single Scorpios might dive into personal growth, getting an enlightened look at any possible blocks you may have to letting that special someone in. 

This Jupiter cycle could also bring a role reversal: For example, the stay-at-home parent suddenly becomes the breadwinner, or the corporate rock star leaves their job to pursue an artistic path. Solid couples could gear up for an evolution that will shift your duties and dynamics in a big way. With Jupiter’s emphasis on travel and study, you could take that epic vacation or sign up for a mind-expanding class together. Widen your search radius to encompass more zip codes on the dating apps. In business, you could pick up a steady client in another city or put together a small overseas team. Keep your options open.

The Taurus new moon is on May 19

The double-up energy keeps multiplying! Not only is Jupiter now in Taurus and your one-on-one-relationships house, but May 19 brings the year’s only Taurus new moon, activating the power of the pair. This new moon could spark a fruitful connection or pave the road to a serious commitment. Start the talks about making things official. Between now and the Taurus full moon on October 28, you can test the waters to see if this match has the power to go the distance. Spoiler: The full moon in six months will be a potent lunar eclipse. If you do discover chemistry, it could be outright thermonuclear when you combine your savviest superpowers.

The May 20 Mars-Pluto opposition gets fierce

On May 20, your co-rulers, Mars and Pluto, lock into their biennial opposition, playing extreme tug of war between your personal and professional life. Are you bringing work stress home—or home stress to the office? 

It starts today as intensifier Mars enters Leo and your career house, immediately challenging power-tripping Pluto in your domestic sector. A loved one could feel threatened by your ambition and begin acting out. Or, in an attempt to be “helpful,” they plant a seed of self-doubt you can’t shake. Be careful who you share good news with today because you’re more sensitive to reactions than you may realize.

The tenth house, where Mars is, rules fathers, and the fourth house, where Pluto’s sitting, rules mothers. Some buried anger could bubble up toward your parents or family of origin. You may feel stressed or burdened by obligations to your clan. Is it time to break free from a confining role already? You could reach a tipping point—but ultimately, this can force you to get more organized or step into a new level of responsibility. Get back into the driver’s seat of your life again, Scorpio!

Gemini season starts May 21

You’ll have plenty of time to dive into a philosophical quest starting May 21, when the Sun kicks off its monthlong journey through Gemini and your intimate, focused eighth house. This region of the chart is ruled by Scorpio, so with el Sol in your home terrain, you’ll be at your perceptive and magnetic best. You might crave more privacy over the next four weeks or at least less distraction from your main obsession. 

A simmering sexual attraction could heat up this Gemini season, or you could delve into some complex emotional healing work. The eighth house also rules shared financial ventures. Explore a business collaboration or savvy ways to pool your resources for mutual benefit (and cost-cutting), from sharing a desk at a co-working space to joining an organic CSA for seasonal farm-to-table produce.

Differences make the heart beat faster! With hot-blooded Mars racing through Cancer and your expansive ninth house this month (March 25 to May 20), you’ll be attracted to eclectic, worldly people—and anyone who helps you see things from a broader perspective. Single Scorpios may opt to widen your search parameters and give someone different than your usual type a fair shot. You could be pleasantly surprised! Attached? Get away while the getting’s good, even if it’s just a weekend at that cute town up the interstate.

Meanwhile, the other love planet, amorous Venus, will join the party on May 7, trekking through Cancer and your intrepid ninth house. “Netflix and chilling” is the furthest thing from your expansive mind, and you’re more attracted to adventurous people who are quite different from you, possibly from another culture or who had an intriguing upbringing. 

Some Scorpios might be open to long-distance relationships or up for a vacation fling. Attached? You can rekindle sparks or just deepen the connection by forgetting what you (think you) know about the other and acting like you’re just meeting for the first time. Take a class, a trip or anything you’ve never done before as a duo. Novelty and curiosity will make the heart grow fonder! The May 5 Scorpio full moon, a lunar eclipse, could start setting off the action and whetting your appetite for novelty.

Is an ex circling around or popping into your mind? There’s a reason for that. It could be unfinished business or it might be…Mercury retrograde. The planet of communication will backspin through Taurus and your relationship sector until May 14, which could bring an old partner back onto your radar. But as soon as Mercury corrects course, adventurous Jupiter leaps into Taurus for a year, expanding your horizons and bringing new opportunities to this realm. So before you settle for leftovers, consider that there may be a whole new kind of cuisine being served in the second half of May! With Mars in Leo and your professional tenth house from May 20 to July 10, you could even meet this person through work. Never say never!

This month begins with a slower liftoff, as your ruling planet Pluto turns retrograde on May 1. But that changes this May 5, when the annual Scorpio full moon arrives as a potent lunar eclipse, which could bring a seismic change to your identity, goals and sense of purpose. If you’ve been percolating on a path but not ready to pivot, this eclipse could be the cosmic catalyst you’ve been waiting for, Scorpio!

Lean on your trusted people this month while the Sun moves through Taurus (until May 21) and Gemini, the two dynamic duo zones of your chart. But keep in mind that Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, is retrograde in Taurus until May 14. Some of your normally reliable people could be unexpectedly shaky in their capacity to show up for you.

But that all changes on May 16, when lucky Jupiter barrels into Taurus for a year (until next May 25), bringing exciting partnership opportunities, potentially from afar.

Even more motivation arrives on May 20, when Mars blazes into Leo and your ambitious tenth house of professional endeavors. You’ve got tunnel vision on your quest for success, and since the red planet only shows up here every two years, you’d be wise to act on it. But careful how much you you take on, otherwise your career could also become a hotbed of stress, with long hours and short deadlines. But your efforts could pay off with a promotion or a padded bank account, it’s worth clearing out your schedule and giving this your all. 

Love Days: 14, 19

Money Days: 25, 7

Luck Days: 22, 5

Off Days: 16, 20, 30

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