Virgo Monthly Horoscope – Virgo Horoscope for March 2023 From the AstroTwins


Summer may be officially around the corner, but you’re a Virgo on a mission—and you’re just getting started! Until June 21, the Sun is in Gemini and your ambitious tenth house, one of the most goal-oriented times of the year for you. There’s nothing mightier than a Virgo with a master plan, and you should be busy drafting one and putting it into action. An opportunity to shine as a leader could arise, especially near the June 18 Gemini new moon.

If you don’t have a big, exciting agenda percolating, you probably will soon. Expansive Jupiter is spending its first full month in Taurus, activating your visionary ninth house. This enthusiastic cycle, which lasts until May 2024, could bring new opportunities for travel, publishing and entrepreneurship (even some combination of all of them). Have you been feeling unusually optimistic or curious about new ideas you could try? Jupiter is inviting you to stretch way out of your comfort zone and share your novel ideas with the world.

Retrograde high season begins in the second half of June as Saturn (June 17) and Neptune (June 30) join Pluto in reverse position for the next few months. On June 11, Pluto backs out of Aquarius and into Capricorn until early next year. Since March 23, you’ve had a preview of Pluto’s transformational powers from its short trip through your health and organization sector, a 20-year cycle that begins in earnest November 2024. Get ready to adopt new ways of caring for your well-being and systematizing your life.


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By summer solstice on June 21, you should be feeling pretty accomplished. And that’s great because once the Sun moves into Cancer and your social eleventh house, you’ll want to step away from the grind a bit and go mingle with friends old and new. Circulate and collaborate! Whether you’re at a barbecue or sipping cocktails at an industry conference happy hour, the people you meet now could open doors. You’re a master at asking interested and curious questions, so put those superpowers to use and make some allies!

Career in the spotlight: It’s Gemini season until June 21

Sweating the small stuff is SO below your pay grade this month, Virgo. Since Jupiter moved into Taurus mid-May, you’ve been gifted a wide-angle lens on life, one that might have you feeling wildly optimistic most days. Even if you’re not really sure where things are going, there’s a sense of hope and possibility bubbling—and we love that for you!

Still, you’re a Virgo, and you love when those percolating ideas can be backed with SOME kind of a plan. Luckily, Gemini season is here to help. With the Sun in Gemini and your ambitious, structured tenth house until June 21, you can start mapping a few things into deadlines, budgets and to-do lists. Even if you’re planning something fun, like a vacation or a boudoir photo shoot, you’ll still want to feel on top of the details.

Gemini rules your career sector. Set your sights on big-picture priorities, making sure you’re directing your energy toward a clear and powerful intention. As the Sun soars through the top of your chart, your hard work could result in an exciting career coup or public recognition. 

Sagittarius full moon on June 3 spotlights your domestic zone

On June 3, the full moon in Sagittarius illuminates your sensitive and domestic fourth house. Thinking of a change to your living situation, Virgo? This full moon could make things official with a move, real estate sale or roommate search. Your mom or a maternal figure could figure into today’s events.

This once-a-year spotlight opens the emotional floodgates: Try as you might to stem the tidal wave of feelings, those tears and truths will come spilling out. Instead of fighting it, let it flow. Connecting from the heart will actually endear you to people. Don’t shy away from asking for support! 

Pluto retrograde backs into Capricorn on June 11

Shadowy Pluto, the ruler of transformation and the unconscious, had been retrograde since May 1, when it began its backward slide through Aquarius and your sixth house of health, organization and systems. On June 11, Pluto will slip back into Capricorn for the rest of the retrograde, staying in your romance and creativity sector until January 21, 2024. Next year, Pluto will volley between Capricorn and Aquarius, finally settling into Aquarius for a 20-year run in November 2024. 

For the rest of the year, dodge the divas and keep watch on your ego. Shadowy Pluto could dredge up old drama or power struggles, especially in your love life. Some of your own control issues could flare, so be careful not to project those onto other people. Do some inner work and self-reflection. You may deal with a narcissistic or bullying person while Pluto is retrograde. 

You should never stick around in an abusive setting, Virgo. But if this is a dynamic that can be repaired, use Pluto’s backspin through Capricorn to address the conflict at a core level. The stars are pushing you to stand up for yourself now—and to stick to your convictions!

The fifth house rules fame, and with Pluto making one of its last laps through this part of your chart, it may be time to let your star fully rise. You might work with someone who helps you release fears and limiting beliefs around your own visibility. Remember, when YOU shine, you give others permission to do the same. Let the world see your power!

Saturn turns retrograde in Pisces on June 17

In the second half of the month, Saturn will slow into its annual retrograde, which could prompt you to take a big step back or return to the drawing board before making things official. Saturn is in Pisces and your committed relationship house, and your closest ties could be stress-tested during the next four months.

For some partnerships, a trial separation or long-overdue split could loom. Can you part ways amicably? With cautious Saturn involved, the answer is a tentative yes—meaning while it IS possible, it will take discipline and dedication to pull off. During this time, you may decide to put up stronger boundaries or possibly take some physical distance from a relationship. A business deal could get back-burnered as you recognize a need for more research and development. Saturn rules the wisdom of time, so don’t rush!

Since retrogrades can bring back the past, you may have to deal with unresolved issues from a former relationship, perhaps settling a legal dispute, returning property or issuing an overdue apology for behaving in a less-than-dignified way. If you’ve set things up on a faulty foundation, Saturn will demand a do-over. Retrace your steps and put in the proper reinforcements so you can build a lasting legacy. The silver lining: A promising partnership that stalled due to timing issues could come back around. Revisit with an open mind if you think there could still be magic to make!

The Gemini new moon is on June 18

Step into your expertise, Virgo! A leadership role or new career opportunity could appear at the June 18 Gemini new moon, which lands in your tenth house of professional ambition and long-term goals. This new moon will open up a fresh six-month chapter. Think of where you’d like to be by the end of the year (we know, you’ve probably already got that mapped out on a vision board or spreadsheet, but humor us). Your efforts could bear fruit between now and the November 27 Gemini full moon.

If you’re hesitating to declare your dreams, take a look: Are you feeling some kind of guilt or inner conflict? The new moon will sit at a stressful 90-degree square to emotionally confusing Neptune, which is in Pisces and your relationship house. You might feel worried that a partner will be upset or not on board with your big goals. Maybe you feel like you have to pull someone along with you or pacify their ego if it’s threatened by your success. 

Ultimately, any of these antics will leave you resentful, Virgo, so find a proactive, non-accusatory way to address your fears. Hopefully when you do, you’ll discover it was all in your head! And if it’s not, you can have a compassionate conversation that can lead to a deeper mutual understanding of each other’s worries and needs.

Father’s Day is June 18 in the U.S., and conveniently, the tenth house also rules important males, including dads and father figures. A special guy in your life might deserve to be honored today, so use this timely convergence of the moon and men to celebrate your bond.

Summer solstice! Cancer season starts June 21

Ready for a little summer fun, Virgo? Your social energy returns on June 21 as the Sun beams into Cancer and your eleventh house of group activity for a month. Slip away from the grind (and the drama, if there’s been any) and go be among your people. You’ll accomplish more by stepping away from your workspace. Hold an offsite brainstorm session with your team, head to an industry event (rooftop cocktails at dusk ain’t so bad!) and reconnect with friends you haven’t seen in a while.

You still have to pace yourself, though, because energizer Mars is in Leo and your restful twelfth house until July 10. After that, the ambitious red planet zooms into Virgo for a few weeks and the rest of the summer will move at a much faster clip! Savor some self-care in the meanclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” time.

Cancer season begins at the summer solstice, when the Sun reaches its peak height in the northern hemisphere and appears to “stand still” for three days. You might take a cue from el Sol and slow down for a couple more weeks in preparation for Mars entering Virgo.

Mars-Uranus square June 25

Speak up…before you blow up! The late-June clash between feisty Mars and volatile Uranus could unleash a resentful tirade if you push yourself too far or sacrifice your own adventures for other people. You didn’t sign up to be a martyr, Virgo, so quit forgoing your own fulfillment then blaming others. 

Mars is in Leo and your twelfth house of rest, closure and hidden agendas, begging you to conserve your energy. But Uranus in Taurus and your expansive ninth house wants more, more, more. Regulating your energy will be the key. Is a venture growing a little too fast for your comfort level? While Uranus is pushing for radical change, you could miss key details if you don’t take the time to really understand what you’re signing up for here, Virgo. Don’t blindly trust the people who tell you they’ve got this covered. Inspect to protect!

Neptune turns retrograde June 30

Just as the month is ending, foggy Neptune joins Saturn in a retrograde reversal through Pisces and your seventh house of partnerships. Get ready to do a serious relationship review between June 30 to December 6. You might have mixed feelings about a close romantic or business alliance as Neptune can stir up guilt, confusion and weird emotional entanglements. Are you feeling pressured or even smothered by someone’s neediness—or possibly having trouble advocating for your own needs? Saturn’s presence will push for clear boundaries and agreements, which sounds like a smart idea to us!

Neptune retrograde can actually dissipate some of the haze, helping you see clearly instead of looking at people through rose-colored glasses. It’s possible you’ve idealized someone or projected attributes onto them that you WISH they had. If you’ve fallen in love with someone’s “potential” or gotten dazzled by a business partner who’s not delivering on all their grand promises, Neptune’s reversal can prompt you to get real. Forget about “feeling bad,” Virgo—you NEED to address this directly now. You can still be kind and gracious, but don’t let that magenta elephant in the room get any larger!

Since retrogrades can bring back people from our past, you might get smoke signals from an ex-flame. Proceed with the utmost caution since you’re susceptible to being soft-hearted and glossing over transgressions. If it happened once before, history is likely to repeat itself unless this person has truly done the work to change. Don’t fall for a slick promise or seductive words—actions speak louder than words! A stalled contract or project could get revived during the retrograde. Comb through every possible hidden clause before signing on, and check references. You can’t be too careful with your commitments now.

Swept away in a fantasy? Buckle up this June as both of the love planets, Venus and Mars, spend most of the month in Leo and your twelfth house of surrender, escape and healing. Temptation could beckon, or you may be transitioning from a relationship that didn’t go as planned. 

Sizzling Mars has been in Leo since May 20, staying until July 10. With the lusty planet in your zone of daydreams and deep inner feelings, you’re unusually receptive to other people’s energy. But that could also make you susceptible to a less-than-trustworthy character or making a connection out to be more than it is. Don’t let a strong attraction blind you to what’s actually going on. Enjoy the chemistry but make sure the object of your affections is honorable under these illusory beams. Stress can mount when you’re keeping secrets, so think before you act. This is a great time to acknowledge any codependent behavior and to start cutting the cords.

Venus joins Mars in Leo on June 5, settling in for an extended visit until October 8. Anything superficial will be swept to the sidelines as you plunge into the realm of your psyche and deep-seated emotions—with a side order of fantasy! Expect things to become a lot more intense and dramatic, whether you intend them to or not. Your passions—and appetites—will be strong, and it’ll be tough to curb them. Be aware that you might be moving in slower motion and that what you think is clear-eyed vision may actually be a bit askew.

This protracted stay happens because Venus will be retrograde from July 22 to September 3, a six-week cycle that can challenge even the strongest relationships. If you’ve put off doing some important healing work or closing a painful chapter (possibly through forgiveness), Venus retrograde offers a chance to set things right. 

Although we’re still a few weeks away from that, you may get a sneak preview on June 5, as soon as Venus enters Leo. That day, an oppositional beam from shadowy Pluto in your controlling sixth house could reveal where there’s work to be done. If you fall into the classic Virgo trap of micromanaging or trying to fix your partner—or being perfectionistic and self-critical—this Venus-Pluto face-off could help you break free from this limiting pattern.

Power moves! The charismatic Sun is in Gemini and your tenth house of achievement until June 21, heating up your professional arena. A leadership opportunity, promotion or well-deserved recognition could bring a crowning moment this month, especially at the June 18 Gemini new moon. If you’re hunting for a new position or project, this new moon is the perfect time to go for it.

But pace yourself, Virgo. Energetic Mars is cruising through Leo and your restful, imaginative twelfth house from May 20 until July 10, and your energy may come in spurts followed by crashes. On July 10, Mars will enter YOUR sign, blessing you with several charismatic and productive weeks. So give yourself some well-deserved downtime before then.

On the plus side, this is an excellent time for artistic and right-brain work. Make space for your creativity to flow by not overscheduling. The muse doesn’t respond so well when you pencil her in between back-to-back meetings and rooftop cocktail parties. With manic Mars at play, you’ll be tempted to push past your limits, but that will lead quickly to burnout. Don’t overestimate how much you can do in a 24-hour period—which, granted, is a lot. It might be useful to go over what you DID accomplish before you leave work, reaffirming that you’ve done all you can for today. Reward yourself with a restorative spa treatment or a few extra hours of much-needed sleep. 

Love Days: 6, 10

Money Days: 16, 26

Luck Days: 14, 23

Off Days: 12, 21, 8

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