Shop Expensive-Looking Items From Nordstrom for Under $100

If you spend any time on TikTok (or the internet, for that matter), there’s a good chance you’ve encountered the rich-mom aesthetic at least once, if not a few dozen times. Think of it as the quiet-luxury trend tailored more specifically to those who want to look polished while chasing one or more tiny humans around.

As a mom, I welcome all the advice that comes up on my For You page. I’m always looking for styling tips or pieces that will make it easier to make my way out the door looking somewhat chic with what little time I get to myself in the mornings, and I know I can’t be the only one. With that in mind, I rounded up 30 Nordstrom finds that give off rich-mom vibes without actually requiring you to be rich to acquire them. From tops and dresses to belts, shoes, and skirts, below are the under-$100 items that will have you looking like your favorite cool mom influencer in no time. Keep scrolling to get shopping.

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