The $99 Nordstrom Boots I’m Buying to Get the Miu Miu Look

No single pair of boots has taken up residence in the brains of practically every person in fashion in recent years quite as significantly as Miu Miu’s moto boots, which the brand debuted in its F/W 22 collection. Mixed among penny loafers and the now-viral satin Mary Jane flats were a variety of heavy-duty, distressed leather boots in brown and black with a round toe, an ankle strap secured by large metal fasteners, and buckles up the leg that brought the thick material together on either side. Similar to the other footwear they were accompanied by on the runway, attendees and digital onlookers alike were instantly smitten.

As a result, over the past year, many brands have hopped aboard the moto-boot train, with options arriving from Steve Madden, Mango, and more. But none has gotten me quite as excited as the $99 pair I just discovered on Ankle height, buckled to perfection, and featuring just the right amount of heel, the boots, courtesy of Nordstrom’s in-house, editor-favorite label Open Edit, check off every box. And the price isn’t half bad either. (I’m obviously kidding—the price is the *best* part.) Scroll down to shop Open Edit’s just-in moto boots ahead of fall’s official arrival.

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