15 Non-Frumpy Coat Outfits to Copy This Fall and Winter

As much as I am a summer person, from the outdoor dining opportunities to the borderline risqué outfit options, nothing gets me more amped up than shopping for coats. After growing up in Chicago, where my wet hair would freeze on my way to school and going anywhere involved at least 10 minutes of bundling on layers come December, I’ve gathered a shocking amount of knowledge about what goes into the perfect outerwear. While I didn’t so much care when I was 15 about looking frumpy in my two pairs of pants and three undercoat layers, I do now. 

If you, too, refuse to look like a marshmallow when winter arrives but don’t want to risk turning into an icicle on the first cold day, you’ve come to the right place. Not only will I be doling out buy-worthy outerwear, but I’ve also supplied you with 15 sleek and not-at-all-bulky coat looks to use as inspiration. Don’t worry—you can thank me later. Scroll down to get a head start on your winter top-layer game. Trust me. When 30º arrives, you’ll be happy you got the job done early. 

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