7 Elegant Trends Every Chic Person Is Wearing

I was really trying to take a break from saying the q-word, but my break didn’t last long, because there’s a quiet luxury trend that I think needs to be classified as such. The trend I’m referring to is elegance. Sophisticated, polished pieces are dominating the fashion landscape right now, and I’ve been spotting inherently rich-looking trends on a daily basis as of late.

The popularity of elegant trends can be attributed to the fact that they’re easy to style, versatile, and timeless. Refined, classic outfits have been en vogue for decades upon decades, with women such as Audrey Hepburn, Dorothy Dandridge, Grace Kelly, Kate Middleton, and Jackie Kennedy continuing to provide plenty of modern-day inspiration. 

There are certain elegant styles that have really risen to the top of the trend popularity list this fall, and I think they’re very much worth shopping for your own wardrobe. Scroll to do just that with my curated roundup of elegant fall and winter trends.

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