The 25 Best Flats to Wear for Every Occasion

When it comes to shoes, I always prioritize comfort and practicality before style. I live in New York City after all, so finding the right pair of flats for commuting is essential. Although I love fashion, I often find myself sticking to the same few pairs of shoes. Finding a pair that marries comfort and style, while being versatile enough to wear with different outfits, can be tricky. It’s why the multitude of current shoe trends are so exciting. Whether you’re a fan of dadcore sneakers or are looking for your next perfect pair, there is a shoe trending for everyone and every style.

Luckily for us, flats are trending right now, a style that proves fashion and practicality can go hand in hand. Below, I’ve listed shopping picks you can dress up or down and that can be worn with any outfit, no matter your personal style. You’ll find pairs of ballet flats, the latest 2000s trend to make a comeback, as well as comfy clogs and chic slip-on shoes. Whether you live in warm weather and are looking for a pair of mules or need some extra warmth for cooler weather, scroll down to find 25 options to shop now.

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