I Tried 18 Boots at Nordstrom—These 7 Are Worth Buying

Navigating the endless collection of boots at Nordstrom can be very time consuming, but the worst part for me has always been the sizing. I’ve often found myself ordering the incorrect size or finding that two pairs of affordable boots I was excited about from the same exact brand fit me completely differently. All of this changed when I started my series If the Shoe Fits, in which I try out different shoes for style and size and report back on my sizing recommendations. 

Boots are a very difficult accessory for me because of how much space they take up in my small New York apartment. Last winter, my floors were flooded with boots, and this season, I’m capping myself at only one or two new pairs. That means the styles I choose need to do it all and be comfortable. From classic black boots to the latest trends, I’ve rounded up the boots I saw at Nordstrom that I think are actually worth investing in. You’re welcome.

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