These New J.Crew Jeans Are About to Go Viral and Sell Out

If I knew what was good for me (and my wallet), I’d spend more time reading books or, I don’t know, knitting, instead of scrolling on Instagram. And yet, with a job like mine, knowing what’s new on fashion’s unofficial favorite app is kind of important. Or at least, that’s how I justify my shocking amount of screen time. My scrolling habits can’t be so bad, though. After all, without them, I would have never stumbled upon J.Crew’s head of women’s design Olympia Gayot‘s post about the brand’s latest denim drop. And missing that just isn’t an option. 

“New year new jeans,” Gayot captioned the post, which features eight photos of J.Crew’s first denim release of 2024. In a majority of the photos, the designer is wearing one specific pair of jeans that I’m predicting will first, break the internet, and second, sell out, hence why I’m glad I saw the post so early. The style, called the side-tab trousers, is from J.Crew’s premium Pointe Sur denim line and features silver side tabs that allow you to resize the trouser-like jeans to fit either low or high on your waist. “I love the Point Sur side-tab denim trouser,” Gayot tells me. “It is constructed with premium made-in-the-US rigid denim and workwear-style tabs that you can adjust so the jeans hit exactly where you want them.”

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