I Just Worked Out the best Shoes to Wear with Cuffed Jeans

shoes to wear with cuffed jeans

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If you’d asked us which major trends we had on our fashion bingo card for 2024, cuffed jeans would not have been one of them. Despite the fact that the last 12 months has been the successful return of other major 90s trouser trends like the cargo trouser, baggy jeans and the pedal pusher, we did not expect that a styling hack as simple as turning up the hems of our jeans would turn out to be quite so compelling, but 1000 Instagram posts and several high street shops later, we find ourselves with a certified trend on our hands. Cuffed jeans are officially back.

If like us your first thought when hearing the news is “what do I even wear with cuffed jeans?“, you’ve come to the right place. Clothing-wise they’re easy to style (every top and jacket that goes with your regular jeans works here too). But instead, for those compiling their looks from head to toe, let’s start with the trickiest part—the footwear. What seems like an easy choice (trainers, surely?) falls into a difficult territory when considering how to elevate this style into dressier heights. We know straight-leg jeans look great with pointy shoes, skinny jeans are made for tucking into boots, and anything with a flare comes into it’s own with an ankle boot, but what of the cuffed?

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