These 5 Swimwear Trends Will Be Big in 2024, According to Celebrities

We’ve reached a turning point in the year when temperatures have started to climb ever-so-slightly and holidays no longer seem like a distant dream. Beach babes, rejoice! Whether you’re counting down the days until a tour of the Amalfi Coast or are midway through planning a tropical getaway, swimwear is one of the first elements of your warm-weather wardrobe you’ll want to nail down.



For me, personally, what I wear to the seaside is often an afterthought, but even I have been drawn in by the array of striking swimsuit trends cropping up on social media lately—especially from the celebrity accounts I follow. Perhaps it’s simply a yearning to be beach-bound, but my new-found appreciation for swimwear has led me to an understanding of exactly which styles will be big this year. And now is the perfect time to shop them; before we reach peak season and they inevitably sell out.

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