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Once we rented a cottage home in Kauai for a family vacation and it had the most marvelous bamboo walled outdoor shower and was filled with orchids. I remember that we never used the indoor shower during our stay because it was so enchanting showering outdoors in that mini magical space.

Most of us at some point in life have had the opportunity to shower outdoors, whether it’s camping or the beach or a pool house. An outdoor shower is an enticing amenity for a vacation home but it’s possible to add one to your own home too. A water source is the biggest challenge to installing one, after that it’s a process of ensuring proper drainage and some kind of waterproof backdrop.

I’ve already inquired from a plumber about the prospect of installing an outdoor shower to the back of our Florida home since the exterior walls are cement block and the water source is already there behind the primary bathroom. It’s just a matter of setting up a proper drain so I’m bookmarking designs for the possibility of designing and installing one as a project in the future. My inspiration files below:

bex studios


asbacher architecture


bali interiors


eight degrees south


lili tile


via airbnb


the inside house


raili ca design


via better homes & gardens


the quist


rebecca lu


ds dixon architect


jenn feldman designs




via airbnb


byron beach abodes


falling waters landscape



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